Crypto Pick: ALQO

Crypto Pick: ALQO

Summary:  ALQO:  A LiQuid Object, released in November of 2017, is a quark based pow coin with masternode functions, instant transactions, zero coin privacy protocal implementation, and a strong supportive community.



Exchanges:, Stocks.Exchange

Personal View:  It was actually a audience of my stream that asked me to look at ALQO.  After reading their white paper and reading the specs, I was blown away by the ambitions and the quality of the launch.  I must say I got luch in finding this gem so early.  As of right now a masternode cost 10,000 coins or ~$15,000.  With the recent dip in Bitcoin price and overall crypto currency market, I think most investors will seek solace in quality masternode coins that reward MN operator with constant residual income.  I highly recommend taking a deeper look at their roadmap and the recent released announcement