Crypto Pick: BridgeCoin (BCO)

Summary: BridgeCoin is the coin used by, which is a decentralized exchange, based on the BitShares DEX.    BCO owners can stake the coins to earn 50% of exchange commission collected from the exchange.  BCO is also mineable and was fairly launched in July of 2017 with no pre-mine and no ico.  Road map includes: Multi-signatured federated gateway network & protocol, decentralized margin trading, and decentralized bond market.




Personal View: With recent massive attention gained on crypto currency, we are beginning to see a lot of problem associated with centralized exchanges.  Such as having problems signing up, issues with withdrawing, can't trade your coin, etc.  That is why I am excited about the upcomings of decentralized exchanges such as Crypto-Bridge.  It is based on the BitShares DEX, which has been out for awhile but not much awareness thus not much volume.  It also has it's own coin issued from Bitshares DEX to give it's users a % of exchange fee.   Now that exchange problems are magnified, and the interests in cryptos keep growing, I see decentralized exchanges growing very rapidly.  Once a DEX hits critical volume, it will be hard to bring down.