Crypto Pick of the Day: SmartCash (SMART)

"SmartCash, A Privacy & Governance focused Cryptocurrency with Instant Payment + Smart Rewards + Smart Nodes"

Summary: Smart Cash has instant transactions, proof of work with Keccak where only 20% of the block reward goes to miners and node rewards, while 80% goes to funding community smarthive and hiveteams. Zerocoin privacy implementation and smartnodes.


Bitcointalk ANN:

Exchanges: Cryptopia,

Personal View:  I thin SMART is one of the most community focused coin I've seen to date, at least on specs.  How it will work out remains to be seen however with as low as 1000 SMART coins you can earn a part of the smartrewards that gets paid out once a month.  With 10,000 you can earn even more rewards by setting up a smartnode AND earning a share of the smartrewards, a great system and I recommend taking a look.