Crypto Pick of the Day: RaiBlocks(XRB)

Today I want to look again at RaiBlocks(XRB).

Summary:  RaiBlocks has been getting a lot of noise in the crypto space.   In short XRB offers:  1. Near instant transactions 2. No transactions fee 3. Unlimited scalability.  


Bitcointalk ANN:

Personal View:  I have tried their web wallet, sent a few transactions to and from the exchange.  So far 1 and 2 have been personally been proven.  However, I still have yet to be able to sync my desktop wallet (Apparently it takes a few days). Even though web wallet allows me to have the private key, I have to wait to sync the wallet to fully test the functions.  I do like Raiblocks wallet a lot.  As a developer, the raw simpleness they are making it is really attractive to try to mess with and play with.  I am very excited about this project, I highly recommend you take a deeper look and try out the wallet and decide for yourself.

RaiBlocks(XRB) can be traded at