How to play Multiplayer Monster Hunter Portable 3rd on PPSSPP with Hunterverse

Monster Hunter Portable 3rd was released for the PSP in Japan, but was never released in the U.S.  It's a shame, because the game looks and plays so awesome.  Thankfully a community of people have translated the game but also a group called Hunterverse has set up a private vpn to help players connect to each other and play.  They use a Discord server with bot commands to automate a lot of cool features.  I highly recommend anyone to try the game out.  A lesson in emulators, patches, vpn, and discord is never bad right?

The links you need.

PPSSPP Emulator

Monster Hunter Portable 3rd Rom

Hunterverse Sign Up Instructions

That's it.  The last part may be a bit confusion but following the instructions and joining discord will get you connect to a lot of people that can help you set it up and also help you in game!  See you in the Monster Hunter Universe!


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