Crypto Pick: ALQO

Summary:  ALQO:  A LiQuid Object, released in November of 2017, is a quark based pow coin with masternode functions, instant transactions, zero coin privacy protocal implementation, and a strong supportive community.



Crypto Pick: BridgeCoin (BCO)

Summary: BridgeCoin is the coin used by, which is a decentralized exchange, based on the BitShares DEX.    BCO owners can stake the coins to earn 50% of exchange commission collected from the exchange.  BCO is also mineable and was fairly launched in July of 2017 with no pre-mine and no ico.  Road map includes: Multi-signatured federated gateway network & protocol, decentralized margin trading, and decentralized bond market.

Crypto Pick of the Day: SmartCash (SMART)

"SmartCash, A Privacy & Governance focused Cryptocurrency with Instant Payment + Smart Rewards + Smart Nodes"

Summary: Smart Cash has instant transactions, proof of work with Keccak where only 20% of the block reward goes to miners and node rewards, while 80% goes to funding community smarthive and hiveteams. Zerocoin privacy implementation and smartnodes.


Crypto Pick of the Day: RaiBlocks(XRB)

Today I want to look again at RaiBlocks(XRB).

Summary:  RaiBlocks has been getting a lot of noise in the crypto space.   In short XRB offers:  1. Near instant transactions 2. No transactions fee 3. Unlimited scalability.  


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Crypto Pick of the Day: Shares(KCS)

Today's pick is KuCoin Shares(KCS) Link

Summary: KuCoin is an exchange that allows users all over the world to trade crypto currencies.   A clean and simple interface, a referral program, and shares 90% of their trading income with their users. 


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Crypto Pick Of The Day: Deep Brain Chain (DBC)

Hi visitors, I will put some coins I am currently watching and where to get them here occassionally.  Watch this place. =)

Today's Pick:  Deep Brain Chain

Key Words:  Blockchain technology, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing

Chart :


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